Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Growing Tourism Industry since MERS Outbreak

Growing Tourism Industry Since MERS Outbreak

The outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) affected the tourism industry, as people canceled visits to Korea. However the situation is changing!

About 3500 foreign tourists will visit Daegu during August: About 1600 Chinese, 1400 Taiwanese, 300 Hong Kongers, 180 Japanese. It seems to result from Prime Minister’s declation that the outbreak of MERS over. 

For 2 months, Daegu metropolitan city has been doing its best to invigorate the tourism industry. It implemeted a new incentive system for tourist company and carried forward various marketing business.

Tway Air announced that the number of Chinese tourists will rise similar to last year’s level.

Measures for Those Vulnerable to Extremely Warm Weather

Measures for Those Vulnerable to Extremely Warm Weather

The weather agency issued th heat wave advisory for people in Daegu, Busan and other cities in southeastern parts of the country.

A heat wave advisory is issued when midday highs of 33 degrees or higher are expected for at least two consecutive days.

To prevent hot-weather ailments such as heatstroke, Daegu metropolitan city has presented a set of measures for those vulnerable to extremely warm weather. It  distributed necessities of life free of charge to senior citizens who live alone. Also, Daegu volunteers distributed cold water at Duryu park, Dalseong park where senior citizens visit frequently.

The scorching hot, humid weather makes you feel tired and annoyed easily. But, please don’t miss your warm heart!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Various Programs Wait For You at Daegu Art Museum!

Various Programs Wait For You at Daegu Art Museum!

With the approaching vacation season, Daegu Art Museum decided to give various programs.

●dam's Special lectures
The special lectures address extensive subjects on art, liberal arts, society, and culture, shedding light on pending topical problems, issues, and figures in culture and art.

Daily museum experience class
This program, in collaboration with schools and educational organizations, is designed to enhance the ability of children and teenagers in their appreciation of, and communication with art, through art appreciation and experience.

Experience program connected to the exhibition
Coupled with an exhibition theme and content, this program provides individuals and families with a delightful, useful time, enabling them to appreciate artworks and experience a process of creation.

Program for strengthening the base of art culture
This program offers children from distant schools and culturally alienated children an opportunity to appreciate, commune with, and feel familiar with art through an introduction to museum activities.

Program for teenagers and college students
This program helps teenagers and college students nurture a culture for art and extend the scope of choice for their majors through diverse content and information on art and culture.

◆Address : Misoolgwan-ro 40 (Samdeok-dong 374), Suseong-gu, Daegu, S. Korea / 대구광역시 수성구 삼덕동 375 
◆Tel.: 053-790-3000
◆Website :

Friday, July 24, 2015

Get on to some weather talks at the National Daegu Meteorological Museum

Get on some weather talks at the National Daegu Meteorological Museum

Get on some weather talks at the National Daegu Meteorological Museum.
There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. No skepticism here. That’s what John Ruskin said, and one new museum here in Daegu took that as an inspiration, and got the famous line plastered on its bright walls.

Opened in 2014, the National Daegu Meteorological Museum takes pride in being the first of its kind in Korea. It is a treasure trove of knowledge about weather, climate, and weather forecasting. And as a mom to two homeschoolers, places like these serve as effective alternatives to learning. 

A huge white sofa, sprawled right near the entrance to the Exhibit Hall 1, allows you to lean back to view an animated movie about the changing seasons. And why do you have to lean back, almost lying down? Because the big screen is on the ceiling!
Inside the Exhibit Hall 1, different weather instruments are displayed and you get to sit in front of a box-like instrument that blows wind at varying speed, right into your face! 

A simulated tidal wave is on display at the exhibit hall 2. At the press of a button, huge waves form and crash into the buildings near the shore. Causes of typhoons and cyclones are also explained through visual displays here. Also, you get a virtual experience of flying a plane over a typhoon. 

Do you have what it takes to be a weather forecaster? Exhibit Hall 3 brings everyone an interesting experience standing in front of TV cameras and get on to some weather forecasting.   
Korea’s nationally-funded researches on yellow dust, artificial rain, carbon tracking, and marine weather are also proudly showcased here. And to culminate the experience, grab a 3D glasses at the movie theater across from Exhibit Hall 1 and enjoy an animated movie about a “lost world” adventure.