Tuesday, February 24, 2015

[Tour] Watching Diverse Migrant Birds in Shincheon River for the Winter

Watching Diverse Migrant Birds in Shincheon River for the Winter
Every river seems to be a rich repository of lots of living things. Among these, Shincheon River, which flows across Daegu, is famous for a nesting place of diverse migrant birds in the winter time. How about watching the diverse birds which visit Shincheon River this winter with photos for now and then planning outing to watch them before spring comes?

[The kind of birds you can see in Shincheon River]

Great white egret
Great white egret
Though sometimes confused with large egret, great white egret, the largest one among the egret species, has big and beautiful wings. And the bird regularly comes to Shinchon River and Geumho River every winter season.

Distinguished its gender by the color of head, red headed male and yellow headed female, Pochard doesn't guard against the approaches of human letting us watch it very close to. It's hard to watch their wings wide open since it rarely runs away.

Chinese grosbeak
Chinese grosbeak
The birds usually sit on the zelcova tree enjoying its nuts. Coming to Shincheon River, they like to drink the water in it.  The male of Chinese grosbeak has a black head, so it's called 'the bird wearing a mask'.

Since the bird visited Shincheon River for the first time this year, it often appears near Shincheon Ice Rink these days. These birds have plumage like a pigtale ribbon on the back of his neck, and the bigger plumage they have, the more popular they are.

It's not always easy to meet this bird in Shincheon area, its lightning huntsmanship is spectacular. 
Besides, you also can watch sparrow, flycatcher, brown-eared bulbul, grebe along the Shincheon.




Brown-eared bulbul



If you drive to the Shincheon, use a free parking lot under the Dongshin bridge. The parking spots prepared there, however, are very limited, so public transportation is recommended.

Metro to Shincheon area as below:

-Subway: (line 1) Get off at Shincheon station and take exit 2 or 4.
               (line 2) Get off at Daegu Bank station and take exit 1 or 2.
-Bus: (Get off @ Suseong bridge bus stop) 303, 309, 403, 420, 420-1, 425, 609, 649, 840, 939, 990, 991
         (Get off @ Jungang middle/high school bus stops) 508, 518, 106, 400, 724, 909, Donggu 1-1, Gachang

[tour] Spring news form Bullo-dong floricultural complex

Spring in Daegu
 Since last week, you might feel spring in the air. Not seeing any flowers in full blossom on the street yet, we have a place to enjoy the scent of beautiful spring! The floricultural complex located in Bullo-dong is the right place to meet coming spring. Go towards Palgong Mountain while passing by Daegu airport. Then you may meet floricultural complex stretched out on either side of the street. Here are some pictures of the beautiful flowers in Bullo-dong floricultural complex! Hope you enjoy a feel of spring with these pictures ahead of time. :) 

Spring flowers arranged in Bullo-dong floricultural complex

Pretty pink flowers

Bunch of flowers in Bullo-dong floricultural complex

Purple colored  flower

A number of succulents in pots are on sale

Many kinds of plants are arranged in a vinyl greenhouse

A number of plants in pots are on sale

Beautiful yellow flowers in Bullo-dong floricultural complex

[Bullo-dong floricultural complex]
Jijudong, Dong-gu, Daegu
-Buses: Take 401 or 101-1, 101. 팔공1, 팔공2 and get off at Bullo Hwahwedanji

*Photo by Kim, Sang-Tai, the Daegu blog press 2014-2015

Monday, February 23, 2015

[Restaurant/Press Article] Sushi Neco─A foreign-friendly restaurant which serves delicious Sushi

Sushi Neco─A foreign-friendly restaurant which serves delicious Sushi
Sushi Neco is a delicious sushi restaurant located in downtown Daegu. No doubt if you haven’t eaten there yet, you’ve at least seen it. It’s right next to the YMCA. Sushi Neco offers great sushi platers at decent prices.

Honey and puffed oat snacks
Diners at Sushi Neco are given free salad and miso soup as soon as they arrive. Additionally, your are given a piece of pineapple as dessert after your meal, and you can get some self-serve honey and puffed oat snacks near the door of the restaurant if you’d like them (you do. They are really tasty!).

Interior of the restaurant
The Sushi Neco staff members are very attentive, especially the owner, who can speak a bit of English. The restaurant’s interior is the typical sushi restaurant style with regular tables and chairs as well as a bar where you can sit to watch the chefs make sushi. Most of the walls of the Sushi Neco are covered in photographs of celebrities’ autographs with photos of them eating the sushi.

A plate filled various kinds of Sushi

A bowl of Udong and few pieces of sushi
You can order the sushi itself in either assorted platters, which are usually 10 pieces, or separately in 2 piece sets. The 2-piece sets range from 2,400 to 4,000 won, and the assorted platters range from 10,000-15,000 won. The 10-piece sets typically come with shrimp, salmon, white fish, squid, and clam sushi. The platters are great for sharing between two people, especially if you are ordering other things to share as well. Sushi Neco offers a range of other dishes, like rice topped with fish and udong noodle soup. There is also beer, wine, and soju available at reasonable prices.

Sushi Neco is very easy to find. Go out exit 14 of Banwoldang Station and continue walking straight. You’ll pass the YMCA on your left, and Sushi Neco is right next door.
Next time you’re craving sushi, go to Sushi Neco. The sushi is delicious, and it is very foreign-friendly.

[Sushi Neco]
-Address:10-4, Dongseongro 3-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu (대구광역시 중구 동성로3 10-4)
-Phone: 053-252-7855

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

[Culture] Seomun market: Worth a look around greeting Seollal together!

Most families become very busy about one week prior to Seollal(Lunar New Year's Day). There is a list of shopping to do to prepare for the ancestral rites and for all family members who gathers for the reunion on holidays. Not to mention, department stores and market enjoy a boom on Seollal since people shop for gifts to give to their parents and friends. As required as parts of the ancestral rites(차례; Charye), meat, fish, fruit, Korean traditional snack ‘Hangwa’, tteokguk (rice cake soup), and various types of wild vegetables are essential items to purchase. The foods prepared for this rite must be in premium condition in shapes, colors and freshness. [Origin: Visit Korea, Korea Tourism Organization]

*Click the link and find more details about Charye:

For that reason, Seomun market, the largest one in Daegu, is crowded with many people who shop fresh but less expensive groceries in holiday season. Then let's take a look how people prepare Seollal in Seomun market together!

Before shopping in earnest, why don't we browse the street-food shops in the market? A loaf of bread is better than the song of many birds, isn’t it?
There are lots of, delicious & representative food like diverse fried fish cakes, fried rice pan cakes, Korean banquet noodle soup and dumpling soup in Seomun market. However, these are just a part of menu that the market carries. It’s a better idea to visit the place yourself and check out all kinds of food.

We have checked where the food-shops are located and now it's high time to go shopping! Here are the required items for the ancestral rites such apples, pears, persimmons, diverse vegetable, fish, etc. Koreans also prepare traditional pastry for the rites called 유과(Yugwa). As meaning fried cake or cookies, Yugwa is made of fried rice pastry and grain syrup.

You may wonder what the bowls and plates are in the picture above and when they are used. Those are called 제기(Jeggi) and usually made by wood or brass.

We have looked around Korean traditional market greeting Seollal together so far. How was it? :-) I recommend you to visit the high-spirited market in person on the weekend prior to Korean holidays like Chuseok or Seollal next time.

[Photo by Mun-ju, Kim, the Daegu blog press 2014]