Tuesday, September 30, 2014

[Living] Daegu Art Factory 'Ten-Topic Project' - Citizen Participation Program in October

Takin, the team of Ten Topic Project of Daegu Art Factory

Did you ever joined the Ten-Topic Project-Citizen Participation Program last month? If you missed, don’t be disappointed! Many other exciting programs are being planned to satisfy citizen’s cultural desire during the month of October, the cultural month. With the youth artists, hope you enjoy this cultural month to the fullest. :)

*Ten Topic Project: an ‘art incubating’ program of Daegu Art Factory devised to support local youth artists.
*Ten-Topic Project-Citizen Participation Program: a Citizen Participation Program with the youth artists who are participated in Ten-Topic project.

A performance team on stage playing song

A vocal sing a song in Daegu Art Factory

[Ten-Topic Project: Citizen Participation Program in October]





For whom

(no. of students)


Oct.3th (Fri)


Busking cultural experience


Over 20 yrs old (20)

Studio-15 (5F)

Oct.4th (Sat)


Animation Production-2

Yoo Deuk Bum


Studio-4 (4F)

Oct.4th (Sat)


Drawing caricature

Kim Ki Hong



Stidio-3 (4F)

Oct.5th (Sun)


Short movie making 1

Palgong Project

Over 20 yrs


Studio-7 (4F)
* The schedule is subject to change.

> Studio Location

Studio location in Daegu Art Factory

People are learning draw at Daegu Art Factory

> How to enroll in advance

1. Download the application form @ Daegu Art Factory website ( ).
Click on the link that says “텐-토픽 시민참여프로그램 신청서.hwp”.
2. Fill in all the blanks and send it to
3. A coordinator of Ten-topic Project will call you if your application is accepted.
  * In order to confirm your registration, you have to come to the studio 30 minutes before the class you enrolled starts.

People are draqing a men in Daegu Art Factory


[Daegu Art Factory]
-Location: 58-2, Suchang-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu (Annexed warehouse of the former Daegu Tobacco Factory)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

[Restaurant/Press Article] If you need a taste of home, Boogie Burger is all you need!

American style burger in Daegu
No matter how long you’ve been in Korea, there will be time when you really and truly miss Western food. Boogie Burger is here to help you through those rough patches.

Boogie Burger at Dongseong-ro, Daegu

Cheap American style burger with chips and onion in Boogie Burger
They have, arguably, the best burgers in Daegu, and for much less than other, comparable, restaurants charge.  The prices range from 6,500 for their signature “Boogie Burger,” that comes with lettuce, tomato, and cheese, to 11, 500 won for the “Greedy Burger,” which has lettuce, tomatoes, grilled onions, bacon, egg, jalapenos, relish, two kinds of cheese, and two burger patties! Boogie Burger has tons of signature burgers to choose from, so there’s something for every taste. And if you feel like your burger is still missing something, there are plenty of toppings you can ask to have added to it. A burger set comes with a generous portion of French fries, Cajun or regular, and a soda or Tropicana sparkling juice. The menu is written in English, so it’s completely accessible to foreigners who don’t speak much Korean.

Boogie Burger with side menu
If burgers aren’t enough to make you feel like you’re at home, maybe Boogie Burger’s side dishes will do the trick. You can order cheese fries or onion rings to go with your burger, but what’s most impressive is that Boogie Burger has a side of mac n’ cheese on their menu! Unfortunately, mac n’ cheese is a rarity here in Korea, so it’s good to see a restaurant selling this comfort food.

Tasty American style burger, Boogie Burger
Boogie Burger is a very small restaurant in the heart of downtown. Go straight out of banwoldang station exit 10.  Take your first left down a small alley with another burger restaurant on the corner. At the end of the alley, take a right and then your first left. You’ll pass Traveler’s Bar and Grill and the Lazy Diner (two other great places to get some Western food) on your left.  Turn left down the second adjacent street, and you’ll see Boogie Burger on your left.  The exterior of the restaurant is painted black, and the name is written in orange lettering. The inside of the restaurant is decorated with Sam Adams boxes and has a very relaxed vibe.
If you need a taste of home, Boogie Burger is all you need. Check it out on your next trip downtown.

- Address: 22-23 Bongsan-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu

Friday, September 26, 2014

[Living] Learn about Korean American Football and be one of the champions with Phoenix, the senior American football team in Daegu!

Phoenix, the Korean football team in Daegu

At the moment, spirits are high in Korean American football as the new season has been started last week. Alike Super Bowl, the championship game of American Football League in the United States, Kimchi Bowl is the championship game of Korean American Football Association (KAFA).

Phoenix vs. Blugons American football game

American foor ball game in Korea

The Korean American football teams are divided into two groups; college team and senior team. The championship league for college teams is called ‘Tiger Bowl’, while called ‘Gwangaeto Bowl’ for senior league. The Kimchi Bowl is the final champion league that puts the college team champion against the senior team champion.

An American member of Phoenix, Daegu American football team

Good players of Phoenix, Daegu American football team

American football game at Busan university

In Daegu, there are eleven college American football teams including the ones in Kyungpook national university, Keimyung university, Catholic university of Daegu and one senior team, ‘Phoenix’. Phoenix had a game with Bluegons, the senior team from Busan, on September 21th and shut them out by 35-15. Phoenix was the winner of Kimchi Bowl in 2011, and they are out to win in this season again.

American football game Blugons vs. Phoenix

If you used to enjoy American football and miss the sport, why don’t you try to be a member of Phoenix?

You can send an application form through the following e-mail with simple personal information as follows.


·         Name:

·         Age:

·         Home (birth place/address in Korea):

·         American football experience:

·         Phone call:

If you are considered as a proper member, the coach of Phoenix will contact you to have an interview. *You might be contacted after the end of this season. (This season ends within the month of October.)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

[Entertainment] What do you think about the Korean culture?─비정상회담(Non-summit Talks)

What do you think about the Korean culture?
In Korea, a TV show called ‘non-summit talks’, in which several foreign people discuss Korean culture reflecting their culture and ways of thinking, is very popular.
The show let Koreans understand how foreign people accept cross-cultural discrepancies or look big issues happen in Korea. Now, let's have a look at their notions and opinions about the issues discussed earlier in this TV show.

1. Are the cities in Korea good for living for foreigners?
Are the cities in Korea good for living for foreigners?

The answers of foreigners of the questions
-It’s cheap for eating out. I was surprised to see the water and side dishes at the restaurant did not take extra charges, including toilet!!
→Well, the coffee is amazingly expensive though...

-I’m so happy that the public transportations fare is incredibly cheap! Even that of taxies!!

-Well, I think the air pollution is a serious problem in Korea. I sometimes feel stuffy when I’m in downtown.
→Whether you think air pollution is serious or not is a relative subject. You may think it serious if compared to that of Germany or Switzerland but pretty good to that of China or Turkey. 

2. What do you think of a man who carries a lady’s bag?

What do you think of a man who carries a lady's bag?

The answers of foreigners of the questions
-It looks no good to see a man who carries his girlfriend’s or wife’s the small handbag. I can’t understand.

-Well, the negative thought on him is a kind of discrimination, isn’t it? He must be a well mannered person, I’d say.

-I think it depends on situation. If my girlfriend carries lots of stuffs, why shouldn’t I carry her bag?

3. Is corporal punishment necessary to discipline children?
Is corporal punishment necessary to discipline children?

The answers of foreigners of the questions
-Corporal punishment is just a way to resolve a conflict in a violent manner. It cannot be a fundamental solution.

-Hmm… Children are prone to make mistakes over and over if parents or teachers consider their children’s faults light.

-There are many different ways to discipline children without physical punishment.