Friday, August 26, 2016

Out With The New and In With The Old- Going back in time!

In an area near Yeongnam University Hospital Intersection, in Nam Gu there are two new themed restaurants.  They are styled after the tents that people would frequent in the past.  These tents were mini restaurants on wheels.  Often they would roll out in the early evening hours and set up in the same place evening after evening. As they are mini and often staffed by a single worker, the menus were usually limited to a small number of items.  It was a simpler time in Korea even just fifteen years ago.  I personally love them and feel this style will grow before it goes away. 
These places were very busy and filled with people enjoying simple foods and the cool air of fans and air conditioners on the four different evenings I visited to get a feel for how they operated. The customers all seemed comfortable and enjoying their food and drink with friends or family.
The simple setting is meant to be nostalgic, but so many of the customers were younger people.  They may not have ever been in an actual tent in the past, so this is a way for them to have that experience.
Both of the restaurants opened with-in a few weeks of each other and have similar themes.  The 70s seems to be the target era.  But, the menus are more modern and the owner at one establishment said he would be updating the menu to fit customer requests and seasonal items.
In one of my visits I ran into a very lively group.  There were several different dishes on their tables and they were enjoying adult beverages with their food.  They were also happy to pose for a few pictures.  I hope they will see this post and share with their friends so more young people can have this experience.
It was fun for me each time I went in to see what had changed and each time there were different decorations to remind me of a time in my past that I was able to enjoy this experience.  I have lived in the northern part of South Korea and in Busan.  I have visited these style tents in Seoul and in the country.  They really are a lot of fun in a small package. 
I really hope you will find this an enjoyable way to spend some time with your family or friends.  It is something anyone who visits Korea should experience.  It is also a great way to make new friends.  Another thing to remember is the great photos of you eating and drinking in a street tent.

I hope this is something you will check out and maybe I will bump into you.  If I see foreigners in places I report on, I usually stop and ask what they think of the place and the food.  Maybe I will see you there!

2016 Daegu International Bodypainting Festival

Daegu International Bodypainting Festival will be held at the Kolon field concert hall in Duryu Park from August 27th and 28th.
DIBF Award is one of the Daegu's famous festival, started back in 2008 for the first time in the Asia. The competition is open to all artists from all around the world and will have an opportunity to show their own artistic skills of bodypainting with various materials, techniques, fantastic costumes and show effects.
Total of 48 teams from 10 countries join the competition of three categories--fantasy make-upbodypainting, and photogenic model. For audiences, there will be variety of programs run by universities and companies where visitors can participate and experience bodypainting. Musical gala show and awards ceremony will take place in the second day of the event, followed by a fireworks at night.
Chung, the director of Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism in Daegu, announced that they will do their best to keep safety and encouraged visitors to use public transportation.

2016 Daegu International Bodypainting Festival
  • Date : August 27th, 2016 ~ August 28th, 2016
  • Venue :  Kolon field concert hall in Duryu Park
  • Host : TBC

Detailed Schedule


for more information, visit DIBF Website

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Daegu Subway Line 1 Gets Longer!

The extension of subway line 1, which was initiated back in June 2010, is done after six years of construction and will start operating upcoming September 8th. To celebrate the opening of the new two stations, Hwawon and Seolhwa-li, an opening ceremony will be held on September 8th with around 600 people including regional political figures and community members of Hwawon.

The extension have made the line 1 to have total of 32 stations, and became 30.92 kilometers long. Adding two new station is expected to offer Hwawon-eup community an improvement in traffic environment as well as some positive impacts on the economy of Daegu.

Mayor of Daegu, Kwon, Young-jin, expressed thanks to those who have worked for extending Line 1 and also to the citizens who endured inconvenience and noise caused by the construction.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Daegu Stamp Trail Fast Track #2

This is the second of four posts dedicated to helping you get the MINIMUM number of stamps required for the Daegu Tour Stamp Trail. Look for the article “Daegu StampTrail Fast Track #1” for more information.
This time we’ll look at three more great locations to visit in Jung-gu, the downtown part of Daegu. They’re within walking distance of one another, and at the end you’ll have some good choices for lunch or dinner, so it’s a fine way to spend a Saturday or Sunday if you want to get out and about for a while.

First, some resources. Use these to get around, get help or just get in touch with Daegu a little better.

“Where is Daegu?”Google MapI’ve made this map to highlight the locations of Daegu Stamp Trail sites current and former, as well as other great places to visit in the city. You can find some of my favorite restaurants, too.

“Where is Daegu?” Facebook group : A Facebook group for people dedicated to comleting the Daegu Stamp Trail each year. Some, like me, are on their sixth year or more. Need some quick, English-friendly Daegu tourism information? This is your group.

So let’s go. Take the subway (line 2) to Sinnam Station. Take exit 5 and go straight along the street. After a few minutes you’ll see an “Alleys of History” sign on the left. Follow it, and it takes you directly to the first stop, the Medical Missionary Works and Cheongna Hill.
Stamp #1:Museum of Medical Missionary Works/Cheongna Hill. Christian missionaries have been coming to Korea for centuries. They really started making their mark in the 19th century as they helped develop modern agriculture, education and medicine. Three houses remain in Daegu as a testament to how these missionaries integrated into the local communities and helped improve the lives of their neighbors. They’re basic little bungalow style places, full of charm and simple living, and utterly alien to everything around them even today. You can take a look inside, but the schedule for the open house tours is inconsistent. Still, have a walk around the serene grounds and maybe even step back in time if your imagination is keen enough!
TIP: On your way to the next stamp location you’ll likely pass Gyesan Cathedral, a squat little pile of red brick at the bottom of a hill. Step inside and admire the Gothic-inspired design; it’s quite impressive. This building has stood here through more than a century of war, upheaval, invasion and hardship, an unassuming monument to the resilience of Daegu’s people.
Stamp #2:Old Residences of Lee Sang-hwa and Seo Sang-don. Here is where two of Daegu’s more notable residents lived – Lee Sang-hwa, a poet whose voice fueled Korea’s resistance to Japanese occupation, and Seo Sang-don, a leader of the National Debt Repayment Movement in the early 20th century. The area is now overrun with large apartment buildings and such, but you can catch a glimpse of history if you squint your eyes just the right way.
Stamp #3:Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Cultural Center. Yangnyeongsi has been a major market for traditional medicinal herbs and treatment for centuries. The streets in this area are lined with vendors selling a boggling variety of plants, though the king of them all is ginseng. The smell of ginseng hangs in the air; you can almost smell the history on the breeze. The cultural center is primarily a museum, and visitors can learn about traditional medicine, how it works and how it has shaped the region. You can buy many kinds of ginseng products – tea, candy, etc. – in the gift shop.

TIP: If you’d like to do some shopping before you eat, you can easily spot Donga Department Store and Hyundai Department Store from Lee Sang-hwa’s house. Stop by and browse the many, many floors of stuff Lee could never have imagined in his time and muse about how completely Daegu and Korea have transformed in just a few short decades.

DINNER: Please refer to the map mentioned above. Giving directions in Daegu can often be quite tricky. But find Jin-golmok on the map and go there for lunch or dinner. This area was once the wealthiest in the city, lined with the best houses. Now most of the houses are gone, but there are several traditional restaurants to choose from, all serving great Korean dishes like bulgogi, naengmyeon (my favorite) and jjigae. It’s a favorite of older folks in Daegu, too, so you might make a few new friends!

19th『2016 Young Artists' Exhibition of the Year』

Kim Jong-hee - single channer video(13min), 2016

Kwon Se-jin - On the bridge, gouache on paper, 138.5×191.5cm, 2016

Daegu Arts Center hosts 19th2016 Young Artists' Exhibition of the Year from 8.24(Wed) to 9.11(Sun) in Exhibition Room 1~5, and opening ceremony takes place on 8.31(Wed) 18:00 at Jungjeong Hall.

Five rising artists--Shin Gyung-cheol, Kwon Se-jin, Kim Jong-hee, Seo Hyeon-gyu, and Jang Mi--participate this exhibition those were selected through extensive delibration in March, after a contest in February.
Shin Kyung-cheol - T-HERE-92 , 2015, Acrylic _ Pencil on Panel, 90.9 x 60.6 cm

'Young Artists' Exhibition of the Year' is a program run by Daegu Arts Center to foster regional debut artists since 1998. Total of 164 artists have been turned out and are active in various artistic fields such as painting, 3D, craft and photo.
Seo Hyun-gyu - Sky line of light-STL MIRROR, Movie 10min, 4,200x3,200x2,800mm, 2016

Also, Young Artists' Exhibition of the Year will be followed by Middle-standing Artists' Exhibition of the Year' (8.31~9.18) held for the first time, and its opening ceremony will be hosted along with as well.
Jang Mi - break, 220x160cm, ink on paper, 2016

2016 Young Artists' Exhibition of the Year
  • Title : 2016 Young Artists' Exhibition of the Year
  • Date : 2016. 8. 24. ~ 9. 11.
  • Opening Ceremony: 2016. 8. 31. 18:00
  • Venue : Exhibition Room 1-5
  • Host : Daegu Arts Center
  • Participants : Shin Gyung-cheol, Kwon Se-jin, Kim Jong-hee, Seo Hyeon-gyu, Jang Mi