Sunday, November 23, 2014

[Cafe/Press Article] Daegu/Korea Dress & Photo Studio Themed Cafe, Dress Hyang(드레스향)

Daegu/Korea Dress & Photo Studio Themed Cafe
There have been many things I’ve tried while I’ve been in Korea that have been out of the ordinary….and then there is the ‘Photo Dress Hyang’café. The concept is simple enough. Turn up with your friends ,rifle through the magazine, and choose your clothes. Luckily there aren’t just wedding gowns but also Kimonos, Hanbok tuxedos and male Hanboks for the boys, as well as short party dresses for the adventurous among you. The three of my friends went for very classic styles and I went for the puffiest purple number I could find.

You pay a 5,000 won fee to be in the café and there is self-service coffee and tea. Each dress has a different price attached to it and the price is for the half hour rental. The dresses in these pictures ranged from 10,000 to 15,000 won. The shop is open every day until 8pm.

When we arrived the lady working in the shop directed us to the hair and make-up table. The hair and make-up table has everything from gel to hot rollers. There is also a fantastic array of fancy dress hats, masks and mustaches to make your look effortlessly 80’s. The lady was really helpful and lovely and even took a load of photos for us. If you would rather, there is also a professional photographer on hand to create portraits if you want to pay extra.

It is the perfect way to spend a day with your friends or a great place to bring family and friends visiting Korea. After two years in Korea it is still the most bizarre thing I’ve done.My cheeks hurt at the end of our half hour from laughing so much.
But mark my words, it is the current trend to open cat cafes all around the world but in the next five years we will all be playing dress up with our lattes. Why not get in here now before everyone’s doing it.

How to get there:
If you are stood looking at the stage in down town Daegu, turn right and walk straight. You will walk straight past a Lotteria on your right and a few 100 yards further you will also walk past a surf/summer clothes shop on your right. From the stage it is about a 10 minute straight walk.  It is located on the 2nd floor and you will see pictures of westerners in hanboks and Koreans in wedding dresses on the 2nd floor windows.
-Phone number: 053-254-3319
-Name: 드레스향( Dresshyang )
-Address: 2nd floor 59-2 Gongpyeongdong, Jung Gu, Daegu

Thursday, November 20, 2014

[Restaurant] Fine Dining Menus for Special Days Coming / Thanksgiving day buffet & Christmas buffet in Daegu, Korea

Fine Dining Menus for Special Days Coming
Special days are coming closer. Thanksgiving is just right around the corner and Christmas just a month away.  New Year's Day is also a special day to celebrate. Here are recommended special menus for you and for whom you love..

[Thanksgiving Buffet]

This Thanksgiving dining presents traditional dishes such as grilled turkey and mashed potatoes only for one day. You can enjoy a variety of dishes which will remind you of your home.

-Place: The Square Restaurant (Novotel Hotel)
-Date: Nov 27(Thu), 2014
-Price: Adult-39,900won / Child (6-12 years of age)-20,000won
-Menu: Grilled turkey with cranberries canned in maple syrup, mashed potatoes, green beans, pumpkin soup, etc.
* 10% of VAT included

[Christmas Eve Buffet & Christmas Buffet]
A special buffet is prepared on Christmas, one of the most special days of the year. Unlike usual buffets, a steak is offered!!

-Place: The Square Restaurant (Novotel Hotel)
-Special Dinner Buffet for Christmas Eve
Date: Dec 24(Wed), 2014
Part 1 / 17:00~19:00 Adult 85,000won, Child 50,000won
Part 2 / 19:30~21:30 Adult 99,000won, Child 50,000won
Menu: not decided yet
*For each diner of part 2, a glass of wine, ' Montes Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon' will be served.

-Special Lunch Buffet for Christmas
Date: Dec 25(Thu), 2014
12:00~15:00 Adult 77,000won, Child 45,000won
Menu: not decided yet
* 10% of VAT included, Membership discount is available.

-Reservation & Inquiry: 053-664-1168/1101 or

[Beautiful Daegu] The panoramic view of Mt. Biseul in early winter

The panoramic view of Mt. Biseul in early winter

As the weather is getting cold, the top of mountains will covered with white frost like the Mt. Biseul. Even the harsh weather is bothering though, the panorama of the icy frost-covered mountain still attracts us.

[How to get to Mt. Biseul]
-Address: San 1, Yong-ri, Yuga-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

[Tour] 99-Stair Mural Village / The tour spot of Daegu 3rd monorail route in Korea

99-Stairs Mural Village
As the monorail is about to open, the hidden attractions which were hard to access due to the lack of public transportation have been found by ones and twos. Among those unrevealed spots, here’s introduced 99-Stair Mural Village.
Thanks to the talent donation (pro bono publico) of a local art club, the 99-Stair Mural Village, which used to be a normal residential area, became a special tourist attraction.

A wall at village entrance
A wall at village entrance says '99계단 벽화마을(99 Stairs Mural Village)'. Following the red arrow will bring you to start point of the 99 stairs. On the way to the stairs, a variety of murals will afford pleasure to the eye.

The scenery of 99-Stairs Mural Village

The scenery of 99-Stairs Mural Village

The scenery of 99-Stairs Mural Village

The scenery of 99-Stairs Mural Village

The scenery of 99-Stairs Mural Village

The scenery of 99-Stairs Mural Village
The 99-stair finally reveals itself! It's very high as the name says. Though the stairs is dizzily high as much as the neck is totally bent, you will find yourself on the top of the stairs in spite of yourself while enjoying murals painted on both sides of the wall. 

The scenery of 99-Stairs Mural Village

The scenery of 99-Stairs Mural Village

The scenery of 99-Stairs Mural Village

The scenery of 99-Stairs Mural Village

The scenery of 99-Stairs Mural Village
The autographs of talent donors, Daegu high school Art Club and Icheon-dong Citizen autonomy Organization, who worked hard under the blazing sun last summer, are decorating the last part of the mural. When monorail opens, this place must be more popular than now. If you mind seeing around tourist attractions in a big crowd, it's wise to visit this place earlier than other people do.

[99-Stair Mural Village]
-Address : 405-7, Icheon-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu (대구광역시 남구 이천동 405-7)