Friday, May 22, 2015

[Event] Meet every tea in the world : 2015 Daegu Tea Expo

Meet every tea in the world : 2015 Daegu Tea Expo
2015 Daegu Tea Expo is being held until 24th(Sun) May at the EXCO. The Tea Expo started by a small number of people who love tea 10 year ago and now it became a representative tea festival that over 190 companies participate in.

There will be many booth that introduce various tea like green tea, white tea, yellow tea, blue tea, black tea, red tea and so on. Also you can see handicraft related to tea : ceramics, potteries, quilts, woodcrafts, metal crafts etc. 

Beside you can experience the tea life in Korea. In the clothing programs you can try the Hanbok(Korean traditional clothes), the modernized Hanbok and accessories. The food programs provide various Korean tea food as Tteok(Rice cake), Yugwa(Deep-fried sweet rice cake), Yakqaw(Deep-fried Honey cookies), Hwagwaja(Flower cake) and Yanggeaeng(Sweet jelly of red beans). And in the shelter programs you can meet the tea furniture in traditional Korean style.

Especially this year the Tea Expo run the “World Red Tea” booth. At this booth you can meet and experience the red tea museum, red tea academy, tea foods and tasting. And there will be international booth from China, Japan, Tiwan, UK, India and Sri Lanka.
If you love tea, don't miss the 2015 Daegu Tea Expo~
Date : 21st(Thu)~24th(Sun)
Place : EXCO(How to get to Exco :
Address : 90 Yutongdanji-ro Buk-gu, Daegu (대구시 북구 유통단지로 90 엑스코)
Inquiry : 053-768-2516


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  1. So sad I missed this! There are so many great expos in Daegu. I will have to remember this one next year!!