Thursday, June 25, 2015

[Exhibition] Pandas on Parade

Pandas on Parade

Greetings, Waygook!

Did you get a chance to hop over to the Daegu Culture and Arts center on Sunday for the pop-up exhibit, 1600 Pandas+? If you missed it, here are a few highlights.

1600 Pandas+ World Tour Project is a traveling exhibit that began in 2008 as a collaboration between the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and French sculptor Paulo Grangeon. The project began as a creative way to increase public awareness of wildlife conservation. 

Each panda is hand-crafted and shaped from papier-mâché. Most of the pandas are about 14 inches long, but new additions are smaller. For the first time, “mom and cub” panda duos are being featured in Korea. The addition is a celebration of the growth of the endangered panda population over the last decade; now, an estimated 1,800 pandas are living in the wild.

Since its inception, the exhibit has traveled to 8 different countries, stopping at major cities in each along its way. If you missed the stop in Daegu, it’s not too late to see the exhibit! The pandas will tour Korea through the end of June and take up a short stay at Seokcheon Lake & Lotte World Mall Garden. Check the website for more information.

If you want to support the WWF, you can purchase a water bottle, shoulder bag, or stuffed panda at each pop-up exhibit. I bought a water bottle for myself and a few bags for friends!

As part of the exhibit, patrons can “adopt” the pandas after the exhibit closes. Currently, the page is under construction, but keep checking back to get details on how to bring a panda home!

About the Artist

"If all humans die, all animals will survive with the earth. But if all animals die, the earth and humans will disappear." 
-Paulo Grangeon

Paulo Grangeon is a French native and has spent more than thirty years studying and creating sculpted art, focusing mainly on Thai papier-mâché techniques. Grangeon joined the WWF project in 2008 when the organization approached him about creating a unique collection to bring global attention to endangered species and habitats.

For each new exhibit, Grangeon hires a team of women in Thailand to craft the pandas. Grangeon believes in bringing work to villages that struggle economically. To date, his teams have crafted and hand-painted more than 10,000 pandas over the life of the project. 

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