Monday, May 29, 2017

Companion animal registration procedure :: Mandatory companion animal tag! Prevent abandoned animals through the companion animal registration system

Keep another family member,
our companion animals, safe~!

Do you know that a person who owns a dog should register the animal in the city or borough offices nationwide?
Companion animal registration system, prepared to easily locate lost companion animals and to prevent diseases caused by abandoned animals.
This system, which was implemented in 2008, was expanded nationwide since January 1, 2014.

What is the companion animal registration system?
It is a system that was implemented in 2008 to easily locate lost companion animals and to prevent disease and common infectious diseases caused by abandoned animals.

People who own dogs must do the animal registration in city and borough offices nationwide.
If one does not register his/her pet, a maximum penalty of 400,000 won will be imposed.

(However, island areas of Eup, Myeon, etc. that doesn’t have designated people who can handle animal registration tasks are exempted from this.)

This is the companion animal registration procedure.

1. Register by bringing a dog above 3 months old, which is subject to registration, to a registered companion animal hospital. (You must visit the registered animal hospital assigned by the respective city)
2. Microchip procedure or attach external wireless identification device, attach name tag.
3. If you apply for companion animal registration in the city municipal office, an animal registration certificate will be issued.

Companion animal registration system application fees
   Animal registration Method
   Internal microchip insertion
   20,000 won
   External electronic tag attachment
   10,000 won
   Registration tag attachment
   10,000 won

- For guide dogs and when adopting abandoned dogs, fees are fully exempted.
- For companion dogs with microchip insertion done before January 1, 2013, companion dog registration of national basic livelihood act recipients, or when you register more than 3 neutralized animals, the fee is reduced to 50%.

Let’s keep our dogs safe with the companion animal registration system.

Friday, May 26, 2017

A place where you can borrow English novels :: Meet various English books at Daegu Jungbu English Library!

Playground of English education,
Daegu Jungbu English Library!

Jungbu English Library, the first English library in Daegu City.
This is the place where everyone, from children to teenagers and citizens can read English books.
Meet English books arranged according to levels and topics,
English reading programs with native speakers and other various programs at Jungbu English Library.

#1. Meet various English books.

▲Daegu Jungbu English Library Reading Room (Image source – Official website of Jungbu English Library)

Daegu Jungbu English Library located on the 2nd floor of Daebong 1-dong community center.
You can view and borrow English books,
and you can also view periodicals such as English newspapers and magazines.

If the book that you are looking for is not available, try to request for it as a Wish Book! Requested book can be viewed at Jungbu Library.

#2. Study English while enjoying it.

▲Image source – Official website of Jungbu English Library

Libraries should be quiet? Not for Daegu Jungbu Library.
In the listening zone where you can use audio-visual materials, children can enjoy English books with fun,
and in the story telling zone, parents and children can read books together.

Studying English while having fun with games! Take time for children to get used to English.
Also, in Classroom 1,2 one can see English Book promotion programs and English movies.

#3. Enjoy various programs in the library.

▲ Daegu Jungbu English Library class room (Image source – Official website of Jungbu English Library)

Various reading and cultural programs are prepared at Jungbu Library.

Name of Program


Number of people





English Story Telling

6, 7 years old


Every Thursday 4:10


Jungbu Residents


Reading with Phonics

6, 7 years old


Every Wednesday 4:00

Native speaker


Fun Reading

8, 9 years old


Every Wednesday 5:00

Native speaker


I Love Reading 1

10, 11 years old


Every Thursday 5:00

Native speaker


I Love Reading 2

11~13 years old


Every Tuesday 5:00

Native speaker


English Novel Club



Every Thursday 10:00



Talk! Talk! English



Every Tuesday 10:10

Native speaker


Talk! Talk! English



Every Tuesday 11:10

Native speaker


Reading Buddy

7~9 years old

5 Mentors, 5 Mentees

6 weeks during winter and summer vacation

(1 hour anytime between10:00~14:00 on Saturdays)

Middle / high school talent volunteers


Screen English

10~12 years old


Every Wednesday 17:00~18:00

Talent volunteers
Aside from these, special cultural experience programs such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc. are prepared.
How about spending some time this weekend to get closer with the English language at Jungbu English Library?

■ Detailed Information on Daegu Jungbu English Library

▲ Map provided: E-Map

Opening days : Mondays ~ Sundays
Opening time
  - Winter season (October ~ March) 9:00 ~ 18:00
  - Summer season (April ~ September) 10:00 ~ 19:00
Days closed
  - National holidays
  - Days that need to be closed for book arrangement, library repairs, etc.
Address : 27 440-gil (Daebong-dong) Dalgubeoldae-ro Junggu Daegu City, 2nd floor of Daebong 1-dong Community Center
Transportation :
  - 5-minute walk from Gate 3 of Gyeongdae Hospital Station of Subway Line 2
  - 323-1, 323, 403, 425, 649, 840, Donggi 1-1, Gachang 2, 990, Express 2

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

2017 Colorful Daegu Festival Traffic Management Information

2017 Colorful Festival is held very soon! During Colorful Festival, Daegu City will manage and control part of its transportation system to help everyone enjoy the festival more conveniently. Check out the changed traffic information below! 

For 2 days of the festival from May 27 (Sat) to 28 (Sun), from 11am to 12pm traffic around Gukchae-bosang Memorial park and Gongpyeongno area will be controlled. Aside from it, bus and subway schedules will be also changed a little bit with more frequent operations than usual. 

    2017 Colorful Festival Traffic Control Information   

-No Traffic Zone (RED Zone) : Gukchae-Bosangno (Seoseong intersection ~ Jonggak intersection)
-Partial Control Zone (BLUE Zone) : Gongpyeongno
Residents, Cars using parking lot in this area will be allowed to access to the road partially
-Temporary Control Zone (Green Zone) : Taepyeong intersection ~ Dongin intersection ~ Samdeok intersection ~ Geysan intersection area
Traffics in this area will be controlled temporarily depending on real time traffic conditions 

    No Parking Zone
-All area in front of City Hall (Gyeongsang Gamyoung gil)
-All area between Samdeok Police Station and Daegu Department Store (Gongpeyongno 10 gil)
-Streets between Dalgubeol Daero ~ Daegu Department Store
*Basically most of the roads and streets of downtown area will be closed. We recommend you to take public transportation instead of driving. 

    Public Transportation During the Festival 
1. More buses will be operated than usual weekends
633buses → 800 buses during the festival

2. Some of Bus routes and Subway lines will be operated later than usual weekends
5 Express Bus Routes (Last Bus Time: 11:00pm → 11:30pm)
   All 4 Subway Lines (Last Train Time: From 10:00pm-11:00pm / interval: 10minutes → 7minutes)

    Private Car Parks Downtown 
Parking Lots 
DongHwa Parking 
Dongin-dong 3-ga  264 
Asea Parking
Dongin-dong 1-ga 323-1 
Daekyung Parking
Dongdeok Parking 
Samdeok-dong 2-ga 247-1 
Dukyoung Parking
Ingyo-dong 277-2 
Daegu Parking 1
Dongin-dong 1-ga 266-3 
Daegu Parking 2
Namsan-dong 921-4 
Kyungpook Parking
Gyo-dong 15 

    For More Information
-120 Dalgubeol Call Center : 053-120
-Colorful Festival Executive Office:  053-430-1265