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All about the Transportation in Daegu : #2. Subway- How to use Daegu Subway, Kinds of transit cards, Daegu transit fare.

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How to use transportation #2. Subway

Last week We've started how to use transportation in Daegu and the first of series was about Bus. This week we are going to continue with Subway. If you worry about being late on your plan, taking subway can be a solution. Most places you are trying to go might be near Subway station. And the important thing you need to know is, The fare is not depending on where you start your trip. It's Fixed fare anywhere you go, very economic choice for your way.


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There are 3 different lines of subway in Daegu; Red(No.1)Green(No.2), and Yellow(No.3) lines. You can pay with cash or cards above. Red line is from Ansim to Seolhwa.Myeonggok(vice versa), green line is from Yeungnam University to Munyang(vice versa), and yellow line is from Yongji to Chilgok Kyungpook National Univ. Medical Center(vice versa).

You can pay by transit card or cash. Fare depends on the method of your payment.

Card Fare (KRW)
Single Ticket (KRW)
Adult (Age over 19)
Youth (Age 13-18)
Child (Age 6-12)

  How to take ticket

*First step : Press the buttons(top is for adult, and bottom is for child.) 

Second step : Choose how many tickets you need. 

*Third step : Check the amounts and pay the money. 

Final step : Get your ticket(circle) and your changes.

When you need to charge your card, please follow these steps.
*First step : Put your card on the reader.
Second step :  Insert your money in the machine.
Third step : Press the button, “충전” to charge.
Final step : Take out your cards from the machine.

Now, take your ticket or your card, and put your ticket(or card) on your right side reader and go inside.
Check your way and get to the platform.

Get on the train, and sit the empty seats. For the 3 seats on the front car, they are for the seniors and people who need helps. Also, the first seat with pink color, it is for the pregnant woman. It will be wonderful to make it empty.

There is an announcement for each stop. You can also check on the board.

There are 3 stations for transfer; Sinnam(transfer for green and yellow lines), Banwoldang(transfer for red and green lines), and Myeongdeok(transfer for red and yellow lines). You don’t need to pay more money when you transfer between each line.

After you get off at your destination, insert your ticket in the reader box. (Put your card on the reader.)

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