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Event : Be a part of Chimac Festival 2017 as a Chimac Leader ! - Chicken and Beer, Daegu Chimac Festival 2017, Korea

Anyone Who wants to be a Chimac Leader?

Chimac(Chickend and Bear, 치맥) Festival, One of Representative Festival in Daegu, is looking for the First Chimac Leaders of Chimac Festival 2017. Daegu will lead the globalization of Daegu Chimac by grafting local features onto the Chimac fever spreading over the world, like the case of Octoberfest which grew as the world festival with beer, said on host of the festival.

▲Daegu Chimac Festival 2016

Leaders will be planning and marketing of Chimac Festival and related events with SNS account. Also They have to run a event in the festival, Administrative jobs will be offered about Choosing Volunteers – Chimac friends.

If you are graduate or undergraduate student of university in Korea, Why don’t you join and enjoy your summer days with Chicken and Beer? You can apply from February 22 to March 17, 2017.  Details below, Let’s check it out.

◆ Details

 ● Subject of Application :
   - Korean : graduate or undergraduate student in University of Daegu or KyungPook.
   - Foreigner : graduate or undergraduate student of university in Korea

 ● Period of Application : From February 22 to March 17 of 2017

 ● Period of Activity : From April to July of 2017 (Must be attend on July 19 to July 23,
                                     one day before of Main Event of Chimac Festival)

 ● Submission : Email to

 ● Documents :
   - Application of Chimac Leaders 2017 (Download on Official website)

 ● Schedule :    
    ※ Schedule are subject to change

 Enquiry : Please contact to +82-53-248-9998 ( In Korea 053-248-9998) /

 Activity :
   - Marketing of Chimac Festival and related events.
   - Managing of Chimac Festival and related events.
   - Selecting and managing of Volunteer of Chimac Festival -Chimac friends.
   - Job as Chimac SNS account coordinator / Contents editing and making.

  - Fluency of foreign language (English, Chinese, Japanese)
  - Who is able to work before start of festival (Festival starts from July 19 to July 23).
  - Volunteer of Daegu Chimac Festival
  - Extra points will be added for those with individual PR documents (Powerpoint, Video)
    attach and submit to

 ● Note
  - Please write application accurately.
  - Chimac Leaders have to attend on official event of your working period.
  - Chimac Leaders have to wear uniform during your working period.
  - Chimac Leaders have to register on website of 1365 volunteer work porter.

 ● For Chimac Leaders only
  - Certificate from Mayor of Daegu City
  - Recognition of Volunteering activity During Festival
  - Uniform as Chimac Leaders
  - Expenses for meal of meeting.
  - Ceremony of disbanding
  - Chimac everytime during working period as Chimac Leader.

For more information and application, Here's link for you. Enjoy! 

Monday, February 20, 2017

All about the Transportation in Daegu : #2. Subway- How to use Daegu Subway, Kinds of transit cards, Daegu transit fare.

-Living in Daegu-
How to use transportation #2. Subway

Last week We've started how to use transportation in Daegu and the first of series was about Bus. This week we are going to continue with Subway. If you worry about being late on your plan, taking subway can be a solution. Most places you are trying to go might be near Subway station. And the important thing you need to know is, The fare is not depending on where you start your trip. It's Fixed fare anywhere you go, very economic choice for your way.


▲ Photo by Guide for Daegu Foreign Residents Living in Daegu

There are 3 different lines of subway in Daegu; Red(No.1)Green(No.2), and Yellow(No.3) lines. You can pay with cash or cards above. Red line is from Ansim to Seolhwa.Myeonggok(vice versa), green line is from Yeungnam University to Munyang(vice versa), and yellow line is from Yongji to Chilgok Kyungpook National Univ. Medical Center(vice versa).

You can pay by transit card or cash. Fare depends on the method of your payment.

Card Fare (KRW)
Single Ticket (KRW)
Adult (Age over 19)
Youth (Age 13-18)
Child (Age 6-12)

  How to take ticket

*First step : Press the buttons(top is for adult, and bottom is for child.) 

Second step : Choose how many tickets you need. 

*Third step : Check the amounts and pay the money. 

Final step : Get your ticket(circle) and your changes.

When you need to charge your card, please follow these steps.
*First step : Put your card on the reader.
Second step :  Insert your money in the machine.
Third step : Press the button, “충전” to charge.
Final step : Take out your cards from the machine.

Now, take your ticket or your card, and put your ticket(or card) on your right side reader and go inside.
Check your way and get to the platform.

Get on the train, and sit the empty seats. For the 3 seats on the front car, they are for the seniors and people who need helps. Also, the first seat with pink color, it is for the pregnant woman. It will be wonderful to make it empty.

There is an announcement for each stop. You can also check on the board.

There are 3 stations for transfer; Sinnam(transfer for green and yellow lines), Banwoldang(transfer for red and green lines), and Myeongdeok(transfer for red and yellow lines). You don’t need to pay more money when you transfer between each line.

After you get off at your destination, insert your ticket in the reader box. (Put your card on the reader.)

 More information
 ● Website :

Friday, February 17, 2017

Found things to eat in Daegu's New Shinsegae Mall - Daegu Munchies, dining, snacks, sweets, desserts and more!

What to Eat at
Daegu's New Shinsegae Mall

The new Shinsegae mall is a welcome addition to Daegu’s restaurant scene with the addition of an expansive and delicious selection of Korean and global cuisine.  Wait in line for trendy Japanese cheese tarts at Bake, grab a burger at Johnny Rockets, enjoy American Chinese food at P.F. Chang’s, or simply grab a cup of artisan coffee and take in the view from the top floors.

While you can find food stalls and cafés interspersed throughout Shinesegae mall, the main concentration of restaurants can be found on three floors: the basement level (B1F), the eighth floor (Luang Street Food Court), and on the ninth floor (Zooraji Theme Park).

Like most major department stores and malls in Korea, the basement of Shinsegae is one of the best places to find a wide variety of inexpensive cuisines.  You can even order your meals from the automated “food bar!”  In contrast, Luang Street Food Court is where you’ll find some of the nicer, sit-down restaurants.  As the name implies, the entire floor is designed to make it feel as if you are walking along a dimly lit street lined with charming bistros.  On the theme park level, the shops are whimsical and child-friendly, with vendors selling fresh-spun cotton candy and fill-your-own jars of candy.

Below are just some of the restaurants you can find at Shinsegae. Happy eating!

◆ Restaurants + Specialty Snacks 
Blue is Brands founded in Daegu. Taste the Originality!

▶ Korean
 ● Gangsan myeonok - One of the famous Korean restaurants in Korea. The first Pyeongyang Nangmyeon in Daegu , 8F
 ● Brother lunch box - Korean lunch boxes, perfect to take on the bus or train, B1F
 ● Arirang Hotdog - Korean hot dog street food, Zooraji Theme park, 9F
 ● Villa de spicy - tteokbokki, Luang Street Food Court, 8F
 ● School Food - casual Korean with diverse menu, iKONIC Square, 6F
 ● Nuclear Steak - take out steak boxes, iKONIC Square, 6F
 ● Mr. Chondak - sweet and sour Korean-Chinese fusion chicken, B1F
 ● Chef Lee Food Truck - Korean style soft beef, B1F

 ● Banwoldang Croquette - homemade croquettes with a variety of fillings, B1F
 ● Modern Tacos - a take on Japanese takoyaki with different toppings, B1F
 ● Dim Dim Sum - famous Hong Kong dim sum shop, Zooraji Theme park, 9F
 ● P.F. Changs - Americanized Chinese food chain, 8F
 ● Kon Thai - Thai cuisine, Luang Street Food Court, 8F
 ● Crystal Jade - Chinese dishes and Shanghai style dim sum, Luang Street Food Court, 8F
 ● Ttokijung - Korean-fusion style Japanese, Luang Street Food Court, 8F
 ● Agra Express - Indian food, B1F
 ● Pei Wei - Asian Bistro by P.F. Changs, B1F
 ● Sushi Ari - conveyor belt sushi, B1F
 ● Z Roll  Onigiri - take-away sushi boxes and onigiri, B1F
 ● Tonkatsu Ren - Japanese tonkatsu with rice plates, B1F
 ● TanTan Noodles Kitchen - Chinese style spicy noodle dish, B1F

 American + European
 ● The Place - modern Italian with a Korean flair, Zooraji Theme park, 9F
 ● I Am Burger - classic American fare of burgers, Luang Street Food Court, 8F and 1F
 ● Bulldogs - British-style pub, Luang Street Food Court, 8F
 ● Auntie Anne’s Pretzel - chain soft pretzel snacks, Luang Street Food Court, 8F
 ● Johnny Rockets - American retro diner with hamburgers, B1F
 ● Vechhia  Nuovo - somewhat similar to a Dean  Deluca with gourmet European specialties, gelato, cheese and a small market.
 ● Flat - pizza flat breads

 Coffee Shops & Cafés
 ● Ryu coffee Roseuteoseu - artisanal coffee and specialty tea, Luang Street Food Court, 8F
 ● Lucid - Shaved ice flake desserts, coffee, and French cakes, 7F
 ● Paulbassett.- speciality coffee, Famille Town. 6F (also found on -1 floor in the Main Wing)
 ● Oilily Café - European café serving coffee, tea, traditional Dutch cookies and homemade cakes, 4F
 ● Ossuloc - Famous Korean fine tea purveyors, B1F

 Ice Cream and Other Sweets
 ● Baskin Robbins - popular chain ice cream shop, Zooraji Theme park, 9F
 ● Margo Cookie - organic, handmade cookies. You can only find the “aquarium cookie” in Shinsegae’s Daegu branch, Zooraji Theme park, 9F
 ● Baekmidang - regular or soy milk soft ice cream, iKONIC Square, 6F
 ● Street Churros - hot churros, fried fresh, and dusted with sugar, iKONIC Square, 6F
 ● Häagen-Dazs - ice cream, 5F
 ● Menagerie Cupcake - cupcakes with various animal shapes including bear, rabbit, giraffe, and panda, B1F
 ● Frank - “teassert” cakes, specializing in unique roll cakes like the rainbow roll cake popular in Seoul, B1F
 ● LeTAO - famous Japanese style soft cheesecake from Hokkaido, B1F
 ● Bake Cheese Tart - famous Hokkaido shop that specializes in one thing only: cheese tarts, B1F
 ● Soft Ice - soft serve ice cream in a variety of flavors, B1F
 ● Royce - soft and sweet chocolate from Hokkaido Japan, B1F

■ More information
 * Inquiry :
    - 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese etc)
    - Daegu Sinsegae Department : 1588-1234
 * Opening Hours : 10:30am~08:00pm (Luang St. ~10:00pm)
 * Address : 149, Dongbu-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu 
 * How to get there :
    - Subway : Red line to Dongdaegu Station, exit 2. The subway exit leads directly to B1F.
    - On-site validated parking is also available.


Service for Multicultural Family of Daegu : Home Visiting Education Service in Daegu City, Korea.

for Multicultural family in Daegu
Expansion of Home visiting education service

If you have children of Elementary schooler or preschooler, Here’s good news for you.

Daegu City has expanded a service of Home visiting education from March 2017.
Korean and curriculum subject in Elementary school will be taught to preschooler and Elementary school students of Multicultural Family. Daegu City has been provided Korean Education service from 2012 to preschooler from Multicultural family and from expand to Elementary school students too this year.

Subject for for Elementary school students also has expanded to Korean, English, Mathematics, Social studies, Science and it’s 1:1 personalized home visiting education.

180 personnel will be selected and priority to students from low-income group.
Service will start From March to December 2017 and home visiting educator will visit student’s house once a week.

▶ Details

  Subject of application :
   ● Preschooler (Birth from January.1, 2010 to December 31. 2013)
   ● Elementary school student(Birth from January 1, 2004 to December 31, 2009)

  Volume of student : 180 personnel
  Period of Education : March 2017 – December 2017 (10 months)
  Subject of Education : Choose 1 subject between Korean, English, Mathematics, Social studies, Science. Service will be personalized after study level check

   Educational services from : Daegyo, (㈜대교)
   Application Period : Feb 15 2017 to Feb 24 2017
   Selection criteria :
   ● 1st priority to recipient of national basic livelihood guarantees
   ● 2nd priority to Lower income family(Lower under 50%)
   ● 3rd priority to single parents family or family with 3 more children
   ● 4th priority to general Multicultural family
    ※ New applicants who have priority will be selected first.

  Documents :
   ● Application
   ● Family relation certificate
   ● Certificate about low income(if relevant)

  Submission : In-house or Fax to Multicultural Family support center near your area.
   ● Dong-Gu T. +82-53-961-2203 F. +82-53-961-2204
   ● Seo-Gu T. +82-53-341-8312 F. +82-53-355-8044
   ● Nam-Gu T. +82-53-475-2324 F. +82-53-475-2346
   ● Buk-Gu T. +82-53-327-2994 F. +82-53-327-2995
   ● Suseong-Gu T. +82-53-764-4317 F. +82-53-795-4312
   ● Dalseo-Gu T. +82-53-580-6815 F. +82-53-580-6817
   ● Dalsung-Gun T. +82-53-282-4371 F. +82-53-282-4373
   ● For Jung-Gu, Please submit to Gu-Office(Division of Welfare Policy)
    or Dong-Community service center.
   ● Enquiry to Multicultural family support center or 
      Daegu City Women & Family policy bureau Tel.+82-53-803-6722

 ■ Result : on 28 February individually by text.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

All about the Transportation in Daegu : #1. Intra-city Bus. How to use Daegu Bus, Kinds of transit cards, Daegu Bus fare.

-Living in Daegu-
How to use transportation #1. Intra-city Bus 

Being in a new area makes people nervous due to problems of housing, transportation and so on. No worries, We will help to settle down. This city Daegu has well-develped public transportation system so you can easily understand how to use and take your way by Bus, Subway and Taxi. This time, let’s find out how to use transportation in Daegu city, Especially about Intra-city BUS.

■ Intra-city bus in Daegu

▲ Photo by Guide for Daegu Foreign Residents Living in Daegu

There are 4 types of the intra-city buses; Express bus( Rapid bus), Blue bus, circular bus, and feeder bus. Express bus is for connecting downtown and suburb, blue bus is connecting downtown and sub- center and suburb. Circular bus is circulating in the city and also connecting the blue, feeder buses and subway. Finally feeder bus is for residential area and small area.

You can see bus stops each road and you need to check where you want to go and get on the right number of the bus.
Every bus stop has the routes for the buses. Also, some bus stop will show when the bus arrives.

There is a secret of the blue buses' numbers. I’ll tell you the secret!

No. 0
Jung-gu, Nam-gu
No. 5
Dalseo-gu(Seongseo), Dalseong-gun(Dasa), Seojae)
No. 1
Dong-gu (Dongdaegu Station and Mt. Palgongsan)
No. 6
No. 2
No. 7
No. 3
Buk-gu(areas except for Chilgok)
No. 8
Dong-gu(Banyawol, Ayanggyo Bridge, Ansim), Gyeongsan(Hayang)
No. 4
Suseong(Nambu Station, Siji, Gosan, Suseonggyo Bridge)
No. 9
Suseong-gu(Siji), Gyeongsan

The front number means departure, middle number, stops and the last number, the last stop. If you take a bus 309, it goes to Buk-gu-Jung-gu, Nam-gu- Suseong-gu(Siji), Gyeongsan. It’s convenient to use it!

Then, what about the price of the bus fare? It has been changed recently. 

General Bus

There are 4 different cards; Pre-paid card(One Pass, 3,000KRW)), Pre-paid card(Top Pass, 2,000KRW~4,000KRW)), Deferred payment card( Credit card with transit fare payment function). Finally reloadable prepaid cards(T-money, Cash Bee, One pass, Hanpay). You can purchase the 2 pre-paid card in Daegu bank, Subway station, Bus station kiosk, transportation card sales affiliates, convenient stores, etc. Also, the deferred payment card is available in relevant card companies.

▲ Onepass                                             ▲ Toppass                                        ▲ Credit Card

Now, let’s take the bus. How to pay in the bus?

If you have one of the cards, put a card on the card reader. It says something depends on your age.  The bus fare will be deducted or added depends on your card. When you pay with your cash, insert cash in the box next to the bus driver. The change is given in coins).

After that, you can seat where the seats are empty. Before sit on your seats, please empty several seas with yellow covers. These yellow seats are for the senior citizens, the pregnant women, and the handicapped.

There is an announcement for each bus stop. First, it says “This bus stop is~” and then “The next stop is~”. Also, there is a board says about the bus stops.

If you need to transfer to the other buses, you need to put your card on the backdoor reader. It will say “하차입니다.(Hachaipnida, alight)”.

※ Free transfer is available for those who transfer to a bus on another route or subway within 30 minutes from alighting from the bus you first boarded. 
 If the bus fare of your transfer is larger than that of the previous one, the difference is deducted. 
※ Free transfer is available when transferring between subways, Daegu and Gyeongsan intra-city buses(all routes.)

◎ More information
 ●Website : (Korean, English)
 ●Bus cost :
 ●Rearranged Bus Routes info in Jan, 2017 :

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Get ready for a run at Daegu International Marathon 2017, Korea

Get ready for a run 
at Daegu International Marathon 2017

Spring is going to come with Daegu International Marathon this year again. Event will be held from Sunday, April 2, 2017, 08:00 AM. Daegu City has dedicated themselves to the event preparation to make it another successful and enjoyable event for all runners. This event will amplify the love of running for all and promote a healthy life through running, said on official web-site of Daegu International Marathon.

▲2016 Daegu International Marathon (Daegu International Marathon)

To participate in, You can easily register online and Application can be applied by March 10, 2017. If you would like to run with beautiful scenery of this city, why don’t you come and run?

Let’s check the details one by one below.

● Details

Daegu International Marathon 2017
Date & time
Sunday, April 2, 2017. 8:00AM
Gukchaebosang Memorial Park, Daegu 

● Courses

  Full Courses
  ■ Elite Full Course (42.195km)
      - Eligibility : Foreign and Korean Athletes invited by organizing committee or KAAF registered.
      - Entry Division : Men, Women
      - Rules : The race complies with official regulations of KAAF

  ■ Masters Full Course (42.195km)
     - Eligibility : Any healthy men and women with certified qualifying time of sub-3.3 and are 18 years of age on race day.
      - Entry fee : 50,000 KRW or $50
      - Registration : Daegu City hall Parking Lot at 7:00AM
      - Time limit : 3 hours 30 minutes

  Shorter Courses   
  ■ Masters Half Course (Half course)
      - Eligibility : Any healthy men and women with minimum 18 years old on race day
      - Entry fee : 40,000 KRW or $40
      - Registration : Daegu City hall Parking Lot at 7:00AM [Race starts at 8:20 A.M.]
      - Time limit : 3 hours

  ■ Masters 10km Course (10km)
      - Eligibility : Any healthy men and women
      - Entry fee : 30,000 or $30
      - Registration : Daegu City hall Parking Lot at 7:00AM [Race starts at 8:30 A.M.]
      - Time limit : 90 minutes

  ■ Masters Run4Health Course (5km)
      - Eligibility : Any healthy men and women
      - Entry fee : 15,000 KRW or $15
      - Registration : Daegu City hall Parking Lot at 7:00AM [Race starts at 8:40 A.M.]
      - Time limit : 60 minutes

● Application
 Apply online, fax, email or in person by March 10, 2017
 Please take note registration may close early once entrants are full.

● Course map
Find your way on this map, This will help you to figure out the whole course.

◆ Full course for Elite and Masters ◆ Masters half ◆ Masters 10km ◆ Masters Run4Health

▲Daegu International Marathon

If you would like to find more information your registration or schedule, Please visit below :