Tuesday, January 23, 2018

[Exclusive Photos] FOUR MEN: A Sensational K-Drama Filmed in Daegu in 2018!

A list of famous K-drama has filmed some scenes in Daegu; however, not the entire shows! A new Korean drama, Four Men, started its production. A leading producer, Tae-Yoo Jang, who also produced the infamous My Love from the Star, expressed that he would like to deliver a human story based in a genre of fantasy.  What is so great about this news is that Daegu is the main set for this drama!

Earlier this month, Hae-Jin Park and Tae-Yoo Jang visited Daegu City Hall and had press conference with co-starring celebrities-Nana, Si-Yang Kwak and Hui-Ryung Jang.

Later, they moved to Seomun Night Market to take their first shoot. It was a freezing cold night but their enthusiasm were surely visible for the rest of the night. Four Men will be filmed throughout Daegu’s landmarks this year. The show will be aired in the later 2018. If you like to see more updates on Four Men and its stars. Please like our facebook page(click) or subscribe to our blog.

Monday, January 22, 2018

[Living in Korea-Advanced Level] Enrich your life at a Cultural Center 문화센터 알아보기

Our desires to learn is life-long and it does not stop even when we are living in a foreign country. In Korea, one of the easiest ways to take classes is to attend a local cultural center, 문화센터 in Korean. A cultural center offers classes on a variety of topics from crafting and cooking French delicacy to Beethoven’s symphony and belly dancing. The types of classes they offer can vary throughout a year.

We’ve compiled the biggest centers located in Daegu. You can view class schedule, next registration details, etc on the link we provide down below. This is for those who have mastered at least an intermediate level of Korean since the link is in Korean and you need to browse the site in order to find a class at a center near you and register. For those of you who haven’t started learning the language or are studying, I hope this article can inspire to learn more!

Daegu Infrastructure Corporation
Daegu Infrastructure Corporation allows users to register for classes at 3 sites: Daegu Olympic Memorial Hall, Seojae Culture and Sports Center and Duryu Swimming Pool

Lotte Mart Culture Center
Branch: Yulha and Chilseong, Buk-gu

Homeplus Culture Center
Branch: Namdaegu, Sangin, Suseong, Daegu Stadium, Daegu, Dongchon, Seongseo, Chilgok

Emart Culture Center
Branch: Banyawol, Wolbae

Daegu Cultural Center For Students
In Dalseo-gu

Daegu MBC Culture Center
Branch: Daegu MBC Headquarter, Daegu MBC Academy, Lotte Department Store-Sangin

Debec Culture Center
Branch: Debec Plaza

Daegu Shinsegae Academy
Branch: Daegu Shinsegae Department Store

Daegu Hyundai Culture Center
Branch: Daegu Hyundai Department Store

Lotte Culture Center
Branch: Lotte Department Store-Daegu, Lotte Department Store-Sangin

Cultural Centers offer classes on a variety of topics. 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Living in Korea 101 | 5 Must-Try Korean Winter Fruits

Many people have a bucket list of Korean food and snacks to try. However, when it comes to a bucket list for fruits, how many of you have one? Fresh, juicy seasonal fruits are a must-try when you are living in Korea with 4 distinctive seasons! Here are a list of 5 most popular Korean winter fruits that you should give a try!

#1 Mandarin Orange
Koreans love mandarin oranges. When the season of mandarin orange comes, many of us can’t stop take our hands from a box of mandarin orange.  It tastes sweet and sour and feels poppy on tongue. A tip to pick a good one is to find a rather sturdy one with thin peel!

Korean name: gyul
Peak Season: September to December

#2 Hallabong mandarins
Another Korean citrus for winter is Hallabong, a hybrid of orange and mandarin. It is a basically good combinations of features of each fruit. It’s easy to peel, firm, juicy and smells heavenly citrusy.

Korean name: 한라봉 Hallbong
Peak Season: December to March

#3 Strawberry
Strawberry. This fruit can be found in almost any dessert during winter season. Strawberry all over the world is awesome. Still, Korean strawberries have incomparable qualities. Hit a local fruit store and get some fresh strawberry and eat it on its own.

Korean name: 딸기 Ddalgi
Peak Season: January to May

#4 Apple
Apple is pretty available all year round. However, it is particularly fresh during its peak season. It’s already January so hurry yourself to a market today:) Apple always bring such joy; a crunch of it instantly gives you rich and sweet juice! 

Korean name: 사과 sagwa
Peak Season: October to December

#5 Dried Persimmon
Persimmon is autumn fruit. However, what if we dry it? It becomes all-year-round fruit. Especially, it is popular during winter.

Korean name: 곶감 gotgam

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Korea Grand Sale 2018: Enjoy Discounts, Special Prices, Free Give-ways

Korea Grand Sale is back! Throughout the peninsula, many popular restaurants, hotels, flights, stores offer special price for tourists! Its a prime time to visit Korea or travel around Korea if you are already living here!

One important thing to remember is to print-out this All-in-one coupon. Some places does not require coupon to get benefits; you just need to mention about Korea Grand Sale to receive benefits. However, many stores do need the photocopy of the coupon for them to apply special price or give you free give-away(Some stores might allow mobile coupon)

You can download the image above and print or Korea Grand Sale leaflets has coupon in it. You can find one at Tour Information Booth scattered around Korea.

We are including the list of places that you can specifically find in Daegu. The list does not include nationwide brands you can find in Daegu such as Seven Eleven and GS 25. To view the full list or see if your favorite brands are in the program, visit the official website.

Date: Jan18 – Feb 28
Location: Seoul, the greater Seoul metropolitan area, Daegu and major local areas all around Korea
Website: Click here

10 – 50 % off
[NOTE] Details may vary depending on a business venue.

Hotel Emillia *expats only
Novotel Ambassador(Daegu)
Otgol Village Hwajeon Gotak
Queenvell Hotel
Rivertain Hotel
Hotel Northtel
Casual House Sono
Insta Hotel
Empathy Guest House
Daegu Traditional Culture Center
Uneed Hotel *expats only

5 – 30% off
[NOTE] Details may vary depending on a business venue.

The Grand Duty Free *expats only
Debec Plaza *expats only
Daegu Department Store *expats only
Youngdo Velvet Gallery
Youngdo Daum
Jungang Herbal Medicine Shop
Ggotgil Studio(hanbok rental)
Skylake (hand-made cosmetics
Daegu Casino
Daegu City Tour (Urban Route) *buy 1 ticket and get 1 more for free *expats only

Minimum order might be required to get benefits
[NOTE] Details may vary depending on a business venue.

Blue Moon Restaurant
Bungle Bungle Jjimgalbi
Anjirang Gopchang Town
Sansiro (Donseongro) *expats only
Sansiro (Daebong) *expats only

5 – 20% off
[NOTE] Details may vary depending on a business venue.

June Lab Coffee
Ajeossi Roasting Beans
Café Forest Story
Coffee Myeongga(Camp By) *expats only
Coffee Myeongga(La Finca) *expats only
Coffee Myeongga(Dongseongro)
cafe inhwa
Into The Wild Café *expats only
30ml Espresso Company
30ml Espresso Company(Lotte Department Store-Daegu)
Ryu Coffee Rosters(on Dongseongro Café St.)
Ryu Coffee Rosters(Beonmeo)
Ryu Coffee Rosters(Shinsegae Department Store)
Anchor Coffee
Onsaemiro Coffee
Know Man Coffee

Daegu Bank *expats only
USD, JPY, EUR: 50%
CNY: 80%

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Save Utility Bills and Stay Warm: 4 Ways to Save Money in Korean Winter

Korean winter can get brutal from time to time even in Daegu, one of warmer areas in Korea. For that reason, Koreans have grown their wisdom to stay warm at the most effective cost. Here are 4 ways to save money during wintertime.

1. Wear layers at home
Even when you are home, keep your body layered with multiple thin clothes. Besides, underwear, a Korean would wear a set of heattech inner-wear(with an extra heattect top for someone who is especially vulnerable to coldness), a winter top and bottom with a padded vest or fleece and a pair of thick socks. Some people even wear a jacket at home.

2. Throw winter curtains on
When winter comes, change your think spring/summer curtains to winter curtains whose fabrics are much thicker and better at prevent the cold air from entering your home. If you’d rather not invest more money, you can make sure all edges of curtains are well stuck to the wall with easily removable tapes or lean something against them.

3. Be away from windows.
As simple as it sounds, stay away from windows or entrance where it’s the coldest in your room. Especially, if your bed is located near them, it’s a good idea to move the bed during winter.

4. Use electric mat
A significant number of Koreans use electric mats on their beds to stay warm during sleep. It comes in a variety of prices so search for a reasonable one with many positive reviews at a popular shopping mall like 11st, Auction, Gmarket or Coupang.

Friday, January 12, 2018

2018 Daegu International Marathon: Details & Application

When spring comes, Daegu people all know that it’s time for Daegu International Marathon! Banners are up on the streets and interactions, it’s hard to ignore one of the biggest sporting events happening every spring. To give you a brief introduction, Daegu International Marathon has seen more than 14,000 participants for the past 5 events. It’s happening on April 1st this year. I know it’s an April fool’s day but it is really happening:)

Quick Facts
■ Date: April 1st, 08:00 - 14:00
■ Starting Location: Gukchaebosang Memorial Park 국채보상운동공원
■ Category: Elite Full, Master’s Half, 10km, Health Running
■ Website(ENG): Click here
■ Website(KOR): Click here


■ Deadline: March 9, 18:00 *may close early if acceptance reaches maximum capacity
■ Category: Individual and group *group must be more than 2 people
■ Submission by website
■ Application Fee: Master’s Half 40,000won, 10km 30,000won, Health Running 15,000won
*Fee must be submitted to a bank account
Individual: Daegu Bank(대구은행) 035-05-004409-6 (Account Name : 대구광역시체육회)
Group: Daegu Bank (대구은행) 035-05-004408-4 (Account Name : 대구광역시체육회)


Opening Events
07:00 ~ 07:55
In front of Jongak
-Opening events
Getting Ready
07:55 ~ 08:10
In front of Jongak
-Intro to program/rules, stretching
08:10 ~ 08:11
In front of Jongak
-Elite/Master’s Half Start
08:12 ~ 08:15
In front of Jongak
-Opening ceremony
In front of Jongak
-Master’s10km Start
In front of Jongak
-Master’s Health Running Start
09:30 ~ 09:50
In front of Jongak
-Master’s10km Award
10:20 ~ 10:40
-Elite Award
11:30 ~ 11:50
-Elite Award2
11:00 ~ 11:20
-Master’s Half Award



*Group should have more than 5 people, the best 3 records will be combined . If there are fewer than 10 groups competing, there is no reward.